Este perfil do Instagram coloca cenas da Marvel nas ruas em que elas foram filmadas

Cena de Vingadores (2012) colocada nas ruas de Nova York em foto - Reprodução/Instagram
Cena de Vingadores (2012) colocada nas ruas de Nova York em foto Imagem: Reprodução/Instagram

Beatriz Amendola

Do UOL, em São Paulo

30/08/2019 11h00

O Universo Cinematográfico da Marvel teve cenas rodadas em grandes cidades como Nova York, Londres e Paris. E o blogueiro Thomas Duke teve uma ótima ideia: situar momentos dos filmes em suas locações reais.

No perfil do Instagram @steppingthroughfilm, Duke coloca fotos de vários filmes sobre os locais em que eles foram gravados. Há produções de todo tipo por lá, mas alguns dos cliques mais legais são os que mostram cenas da Marvel.

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Esse momento épico do primeiro Vingadores

Essa cena do Homem-Aranha de Tobey Maguire

"With great power comes great responsibility." 💔 • Happy Spider-Man Day! 🕷 • Spider-Man has inspired millions and well & truly 'stuck' around for decades since his creation. It's so wonderful to have this relatable character out there in the cinematic landscape and on the page. He was thought up by Stan Lee and first appeared in comic form in August 1962, hence the 1st August has slowly become an annual celebration for the superhero. Since then, the character has had numerous iterations on screen which is where most fans (me included!) have grappled onto the personality of teenage kid turned superhero, Peter Parker. Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland; 3 distinct interpretations by 3 incredibly talented individuals. I grew up with Tobey Maguire and so that's partly why I chose this scenic photo to share today - it's also an incredibly pivotal moment in the Spider-Man universe with Peter being told by his Uncle Ben that with "great power comes great responsibility". This life lesson has become common lore in the Spider-Man story and one that carries a much more emotional weight after the fate of Uncle Ben. So touchingly is it portrayed in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man (2002), the tears run high here. • This was shot outside of the New York Public Library. Maguire is about to be dropped off by his Uncle and so this scene takes place in his car… as you can probably tell. It took place around 20 years ago now so not everything looked identical to the screen when I visited. It was bizarre to stand here after watching this film as a kid... the time in my life when I wished I could fly through cities, to now. Time goes by! The actual death scene was also filmed in front of the Library. It's such a moving moment too which made it that much more powerful for me, I still can't believe it really. • • #spiderman #nationalspidermanday #tobeymaguire #andrewgarfield #tomholland #uncleben #family #love #teenager #dream #stanlee #comicbook #avengers #anniversary #film #photography #art #superhero #newyork #nyc #city #scene #memorable

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Esse clique de Gerra Infinita em Nova York

A primeira grande reunião dos Vingadores em ação

"AVENGERS... ASSEMBLE!" • My inner child is screaming with SO MUCH joy right now! Ah, I can't believe I'm actually standing here in New York City among the countless iconic streets that have appeared on screen. I've only ever seen this city through the screen so to now stand here and see it all for the reality of what it is… it's all real! My first stop just had to be the most iconic moment in comic book history, the sweeping 360 degree shot of the Avengers (2012) first teaming up together during the 'Battle of New York'. Just wow! After all these years of following the Marvel saga and with the memory of watching this scene in cinemas very much engrained in my brain, to then stand in the same fictional place where the action 'happened' is just crazy to me. The beginning of everything that's come after it, the first proper look at all of these INCREDIBLE characters together, and of course Tony Stark still alive and well… I love you 3000! • You won't be surprised to know that the majority of the New York battle in the film was shot on a set. They re-created this road on Park Avenue (which is right in front of Grand Central Terminal!) so that they had the flexibility of space and movement for all of the action needing to be captured. Either way, set or not, this is the place where they supposedly stood and I'm so happy that it's all very much photo real compared to the film. This road was very busy though… it made it very difficult to photograph but I really wanted to get it! • • #avengers #avengersassemble #newyork #ironman #tonystark #captainamerica #thor #hulk #marvel #robertdowneyjr #chrisevans #film #photography #art #nyc #explore

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Essa cena da Feiticeira Escarlate em Guerra Inifinita, gravada em Edimburgo

"They can't stop him, Wanda, but we can. Look at me. You have the power to destroy the stone." • On a train platform in the heart of Edinburgh lies the filming location for one of the biggest films in cinematic history; Avengers: Infinity War. With Avengers: Endgame only 1 week away(!) I just couldn't help but visit an iconic scene from the past film. You'll recognise this as the place where Captain America makes his entrance out of the shadows to protect his friends. I never thought I'd warm to the relationship between Wanda and Vision but the Marvel Cinematic Universe has proved me wrong. The connection these two hold is irreplacable. Two individuals who stand out because of their differences, always protecting one another. This scene comes as Wanda and Vision are attacked, with the enemy wanting to rip an Infinity Stone out of Vision's head and his life along with it. I chose this shot to capture because it says so much. The desperation on Wanda's face matched with the power surging through her fingertips - all there to serve the purpose of protecting the one true companion that she couldn't bare to lose. • Edinburgh was stunning! My first ever time in the city and everything about it was just beautiful. They filmed this scene in 2017 at around 3am in the morning! It all takes place at night. I walked around the station trying to find the right place and luckily came across this platform. I had to wait for a train for the photo too... it took some patience. Once again, Marvel films are very hard to capture. The use of effects and heavy manipulation of the scenery means that nothing is quite what it seems. They added all those windows in for example! They had a huge green screen for filming too and the actors entered very secretly... • • #avengers #infinitywar #endgame #superhero #mcu #scarletwitch #elizabetholsen #paulbettany #marvel #edinburgh #explore #tourism #film #photography #art #filmlocation

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Incrível, né?

"Whatever it takes." • Don't worry, no spoilers here! This 11-year journey has been incredible. I remember sitting there in the auditorium watching the first Iron Man back in 2008. I fell in love with the story, with the character, with the vision of what it could all become. Since 2008, this universe has blossomed into something so much greater beyond anything anyone could have imagined. It's become a part of so many of our lives whether you love every single one of the 22 films or are there to simply join in on the cinematic ride. With Avengers: Endgame now out and the penultimate finale finally here, it truly is quite emotional to think about how much this franchise has had a part in not just my life but likely a lot of the lives of the people reading this as well. These characters aren't just characters to a lot of us. They've been an escape for when we've felt down or alone. We've reached out to these stories of superhuman strength and endearing emotional scope to give us hope in everyday situations and to inspire us to reach for what we can achieve as individuals. They are more than an assembling of moving pictures on a screen and with this 'final' culmination that is Avengers: Endgame it truly puts into perspective how beautiful a connection with film can be when there's a group of characters, creators, fans, and audiences that connect with the material as much as yourself. Thanks Marvel, I love you 3,000 🖤 • This is a shot from Avengers: Infinity War that I took when in Edinburgh last week. It shows Chris Evans fighting off an attack and of course, he persists for as long as he can! An incredible scene that takes place in Waverley Station and one I was really happy to capture for the release of Endgame this week. Enjoy the film and remember, no spoilers! • • #avengers #endgame #superhero #captainamerica #steverogers #ironman #tonystark #chrisevans #robertdowneyjr #marvel #comics #journey #love #film #photography #cinematography #art

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